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2 years ago

VidsFucker - Tube Porn Video


I sat on my long journey to my business meeting in Scotland, would take almost 5 hours to return to Kings Cross station, I sat down and started reading some of the paperwork I had from my meeting. I also thought of my husband, Mark, waiting for me out there to take me home. The train started as a very attractive man asked if anyone in the seat I sit in front of vidsfucker me said no. He sat and looked at me to say what was in the day and an hour of waiting, because the only delay rounding. read the papers, but when I looked over them I was the guy looked at me and smiled. I smiled back thinking how beautiful it was a smile. He started talking to me and soon they were chatting. The vidsfucker last trip seemed faster, until we reached the gates of York. The first class wagon was empty except for us. When the train suddenly stalled power had been cut and were now in complete darkness. The driver told us that all be quiet, and let them know what had happened prior to transmission. moments later I felt the man sitting in front of me walking up and down the leg at first I took off my leg, but then I felt his hand slowly to his knees to say goodbye. For some reason I could leave him in the afterlife when he stopped to open my legs. His hands moved to my legs when I opened my skirt wrap your hand on top of my socks sense. He pushed my white lacy underwear little to one side as his fingers found my clitoris and started rubbing slowly. I sat in my seat again arched her back will allow greater access to my pussy which was wet at the moment. They were the ones that I felt her vidsfucker tongue move my thigh, as soon vidsfucker replaced his finger on my clitoris. I held his head as his tongue went to work on my clitoris. Soon he began to probe deep into my vagina when I opened my legs as much as he could. Here I was, a married woman who had only two men in my pussy now to leave a totan alien fingers and lick my pussy. I began to tremble as I was the highlight of my life. I like to run hard on his tongue, it seemed, as he continued to lick me clean. Then he got up and heard him address the zipper of his pants. Gently, he gives me the head forward, and felt his erection lasts touch my face, vidsfucker I reached out and gently rubbed his penis, he was much bigger and thicker than my husband. He pushed my head forward a little more when I opened my mouth only to have most of his cock as I could. I felt the tip touches vidsfucker the back of my throat, and still had a good couple of inches to go before I'm all in my mouth, I decided to go for me and took all this very deep throat and head back vidsfucker out and backward strokes heavy balls hanging, when I started to fuck vidsfucker her mouth, as I had been. The driver announced that he would take another half hour until vidsfucker help arrived I thought, well, like I really went for the foreskin of strangers, and that licked thand the top of his cock tasting his pre -cum. He retired, whispers no semen in my mouth. He moved back to his knees to relieve me forward in my seat as I know back, he wanted to go to fuck me. We put so my pussy was with his cock like I was playing with the tip of my pussy entrance. With a vidsfucker gentle vidsfucker push forward, he kicked me, I like my bottom lip a little less screaming with pleasure as he pushed every inch deep in my pussy ready. We slowly rocked her hips at the perfect time, when we started to fuck each other. He leaned forward and kissed. We started to move a little faster than I want to be careful, I'm unprotected, quietly. He said, do not worry when he saw me moving again kissed his cock harder and faster in my pussy. I put my arms around his neck dancing our own tongue, mouth, meeting his thrusts my hips slapping of our skin together as he slammed his cock inside the house destroyed me. He was soon whis
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